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Each school is listed as it was called during the year you are searching. For example, the rankings history of Thomas County Central prior to 1990 would be found under Central (Thomasville).

The first Atlanta Constitution poll, compiled by prep editor Charlie Roberts, was published in 1952, and they began several weeks into the season.� The first Atlanta Constitution preseason rankings appeared in 1971.

No final rankings were published by the Atlanta Constitution in 1956 and 1970.� Projected rankings for those years, based on playoff results, are included. Projected final rankings also are included for Class B in 1968
and 1974.� Those also were missing from the Atlanta Constitution.

Rankings done by the Atlanta Journal, the Associated Press, and the United Press International will be added to this site as they are compiled. The GHSFHA does not consider polls of the Atlanta Constitution or the Atlanta
Journal-Constitution to be more significant than the others.� They were merely the first to be researched.


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